1st visit

Aesthetics must be taken seriously. Listening to your desires, careful examination and collaboration between us is the key into providing you with the best smile you can get.

2nd visit

If composite veneers are chosen as a method of therapy, liquid nano composite is poured into silicon key and placed on teeth. After few minutes, when composite is consolidated, it can be removed. All done! Removal of excess material and polishing shouldn’t take long and you are ready to enjoy your brand new smile. If non-prep veneers are chosen, then premade veneers are cemented at the spot, after careful selection of shapes, sizes and color shades. If you chose regular veneers, some parts of dental enamel are reduced, and impression is taken. You will be given temporaries for your next appointment.

3rd visit

Great news, your veneers are back from laboratory. Made with precision and great aesthetic values, they will provide you with smile you always wanted. Now, they can be cemented on your teeth and you are ready to enjoy your new smile.