1st visit

Don’t let missing teeth hold you down. Tooth loss is normal phenomenon and you shouldn’t let that reduce your life’s quality. Careful planing of future dentures is an imperative for its longevity and we take it very seriously.

2nd visit

“Impressions phase”. We all know that taking impressions can be an unpleasant experience, but good retention is a must for future dentures. Thats why we are using high-end materials for most detailed impressions within least amount of time.

3rd visit

“Base tryouts” phase. In this phase we are considering future denture’s base and how it fits in relation to your oral landmarks. Also, we will be testing its behavior while you perform jaw movements.

4th visit

“Teeth tryouts” phase. Teeth are added to your dentures mockup. As we are looking at some technical, then aesthetical, features of your new teeth, your part is to tell us are you satisfied with their color, shape and position.

5th visit

“Handover” phase. Your dentures are ready and waiting for you to experience them. Some getting used to is needed and you may expect some discomfort in few first days as well. Check-ups are individual, whenever you feel something come, let us take a look at it.