Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic Crowns

1st visit

Ceramic crowns are the state of the art type of crowns in dentistry. With a little bit of planing and consulting, you can be a great candidate.

2nd visit

After some local anesthetic we are ready to begin. Small amount of tooth structure is removed in this painless procedure to provide enough room for crowns. After that, temporary crowns are made and you are all set for the next appointment.

3rd visit

During this visit, cores for the future crowns are tested, theirs position to surrounding tissue and opposing teeth are inspected. With or without small adjustments they are sent back to laboratory for some new layers of ceramics.

4th visit

Teeth tryout phase. In this phase, 90% finished crowns are placed in mouth to give you the best insight on how your new teeth would look like and for us to check some minor details. If you are satisfied with the outcome, teeth are sent back to laboratory one last time.

5th visit

“Handover phase”- Finally, crowns are done completely and they are ready for cementation. It‘s a quick process in which crowns are placed and secured in position with layer of cement. All done, you are all set and ready to enjoy your new and improved appearance.